Odour Eliminator

WHAT STINKS AND WHY?   click-to-order.png

No matter how well groomed they are, when people’s feet stink, it’s no good. But our feet work hard every day, so let’s be understanding of their situation.



The smell is the fault of bacteria living on our feet. They love dark, damp places like shoes, padding and athletic equipment, where they breed like rabbits, feeding on dead skin and oils from your sweat. Your sweaty gear is their “Hilton”. And things starts to smell when their population gets out of control, because the little guys poop stinky organic acids. Yuck. And if you do sports and have extra sweaty gear, the Kytococcus Sedentarius bacteria moves in, and this one REALLY smells!

IT'S ONLY NATURAL stinkyfeetgif.gif

This bacteria are a natural mechanism which the body uses to clean off dead skin, sweat oils and salt. The problem is that when there is a LOT of sweat, you need a lot of (smelly!) bacteria to get the job done. Ok, so what if we could help the sweat and skin residue break down faster, and use something else for it, instead of smelly bacteria? And that’s how we solved the problem. The answer is enzymes! Enzymes are proteins that make biological processes happen FASTER than they would normally happen in nature.

That’s how we came up with E•Zyme SPORT, the enzyme-containing product that works on sweat and makes its recycling go much faster. It is in fact so fast that bacteria essentially comes to an empty plate, so leaves to look for food elsewhere. Amazingly simple!



E•Zyme SPORT introduces natural enzymes, using a simple spray bottle and the enzymes do the rest, keeping clothing, shoes and equipment in stink-free, user-friendly condition. 

E•Zyme SPORT performs its deodorizing function on contact, and works best while the surface is still moist. This means that spraying E•Zyme SPORT onto sweaty gear is not only quicker but more effective!

E•Zyme SPORT doesn’t need perfumes or harsh chemicals to do its job, which means it is ideal for people with allergies and sensitivities.

Simple to use. Non-toxic. Non-sensitizing. Safe on all equipment. Safe to use around pets and children. It is perfect!travelbottle.png



How to apply: Just a simple spray. No need to wipe, rinse or wait.

Where to apply: On all your gear, from head to toe, helmets to shoes. Don’t forget your gym bag and locker!

When to apply: Spray immediately after every use of your sports equipment, and as needed. Maintaining a good clean environment in your gear is your healthiest and safest option.



Enzymes are proteins that speed up a biological process. This is called a catalyst.

They are part of the environment and are present in all biological structures. They only work in natural biological environments and help process stuff like food residue, milk, fats, oils, and other, less pleasant things.

The three main bacterial waste products found in smelly shoes and gear are propanoic acid, methanethiol and isovaleric acid. Methanethiol makes your feet smell like bad cheese and is produced from dead skin. Isovaleric acid also has a cheesy aroma, as well as an awful vinegar-like scent. Propanoic acid has a rancid sour smell, like bad milk. In a natural environment the smell is taken care of in a simple system of scavengers, microorganisms and UV light. But INdoors, well, that’s where E•Zyme shines! 



• Sports equipment, gear, padding, helmets, gloves, etc.

• Shoes and boots of all descriptions, including leather.

• Fitness facilities, bathrooms, change rooms, lockers, etc.

• Post-use spray for fitness machines (handles, seats, etc.)