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Interested in bringing quality Canadian made eco-products to your area?

banner-new-site-2018-caeran-house.jpgCAERAN is sold by independent Sales Consultants directly to the retail customer, as well as through retail facilities such as health food stores, health and wellness clinics, gift boutiques, salons/spas and specialty stores.

Since 1989, the CAERAN family of products have been tried and tested by the most discerning consumers. Whether environmentally conscious, or challenged with allergies and sensitivities, our loyal customers love CAERAN


Here is some of the information you will need,
but if you have more questions please call or email us.


 We have two independent Sales Consultant OR a Retail Location.


I own a store or service based centre... can I sell CAERAN there?

Yes, we would be pleased to have the CAERAN family of products sold through your retail facility. We already have baby-food stores, health food stores, campground stores, and furniture stores carrying our product and expanding their monthly revenue as well as providing their customers with healthy choices. Buy at wholesale - sell at retail. Take advantage of periodic promotions as well.

What is a CAERAN Sales Consultant?

A CAERAN Sales Consultant is an independent businessperson, working part time or working full time in the Direct Sales Industry. They represent the CAERAN line of Household Cleaning and Personal Care Products - products that are Non-Toxic, Biodegradable, Hypo-allergenic and natural.As an independent businessperson, you generate business to the level you want.  Your hours are totally flexible and your territory encompasses all of North America.  Your income is a direct % of the sales you generate.


Where can the CAERAN family of products be sold?

There are no specific territories, accounts or customers.  As a CAERAN Consultant or Retailer you can sell to anyone in North America.  You find and set up your customers and run your business as an independent allowing you to sell to anyone.

Are there any quotas?

Being family people ourselves, we understand busy schedules and inventory/cash flow efforts, and we keep the requirements to maintain your Sales Consultant status minimal.
We monitor sales on a quarterly basis, rather than month to month. An average of only $100 per month in retail sales will maintain your Sales Consultant status.

What is my initial investment?

As a Sales Consultant, required initial investment is limited to the Consultant Starter Pack.

Your Consultant Starter Pack includes:

1. Detailed Product Pages, ideal for sharing information with potential customers.

2. Two (2) CAERAN Newcomers Packs

3. Two (2) CAERAN Try-Me Gift Packs

4. A durable luggage quality carry bag. Perfect for toting product to demos and customers. Makes an ideal over night bag or carry-on as well. ($39.99 value)

The Retail Value of the Consultant Starter Pack is $266.99, but as a new Sales Consultant you pay only $200.00 (plus shipping and taxes).
PLUS, any additional product you buy at the same time as your Consultant Starter Pack is discounted 35% off the retail price.
So, with very little investment, you can get started sharing quality product with friends, neighbors and family.

As a Retail site, your wholesale account is established with your initial order of $250.00 (wholesale price at 30% discount off retail). We have printed marketing and support material as well as store signs to help you share information with your customers quickly and efficiently. Payment is made through e-transfer for the first 6 months, and in-house credit can be established after that point. Re-order is done as you require inventory, with a minimum order of $250.00 (wholesale at 30% discount off retail) required. A $15 small order fee will apply to orders below this minimum.

If your combined orders within a 6 month period total over $1,000 (wholesale price), you will receive 5% on your total as credit toward your next order. Eg. January order of $250, Feb order of $300, April order of $350, May order of $250, June order of $400. Total for these 6 months is $1,550. On your next order, you would receive $77.50 credit (5% of $1,550). This achieves your 35% wholesale discount pricing.

What about inventory - how much do I have to carry?

You carry as much or little as you like.  Servicing your customer's needs is in your best interest of course, but there are no requirements for inventory held.
We normally ship within 2-3 business days of receiving your paid orders.  You may order as often as you wish monthly, and orders can be picked up at the Cambridge warehouse (ONLY with prior arrangement and pickup appointment).

How do I earn money?

As a Sales Consultant:

  1. Profit from your own sales to your customers. Receive 25% discount off your purchases and sell at retail prices to your customers.
  2. Customer Orders Directly Online: If you have customers who prefer to order directly from Head Office, through the website, they simply use your Consultant ID# when they enter their order, and you receive the same 25% commission from their order, even though you didn't have to handle ANY product or make ANY phone calls! Shipments are sent directly to them. You can easily develop a customer base from across the country and they shop online at THEIR convenience!
  3. Promote and Manage Fundraising Programs! By special arrangement only. Please review our Fundraising Program information and email head office if you are interested in more details.
  4. Sales Agent: You may also work to create and support Retail Site locations for CAERAN products, and receive bonuses/commission on their orders. If you are interested in this option, please email Head Office directly to discuss details and regions.


As a Retail site:

Simply buy at wholesale and sell at retail. Your wholesale discount is 30% when you meet order requirements. Your 6-month order totals may qualify you for an additional 5% discount, credited toward your next order. You may also operate under the Independent Consultant quotas to receive 25% discount.

How can I get started?

Simply email Head Office (  ) and we will get your questions answered. We can set up your account in just a day or two!
Please note.... At this time, we do not offer an online account registration. We want to be sure you have all your questions answered and that CAERAN is a good fit for you.


We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for taking an interest in joining the CAERAN team!