FruitClay Blend - hydrating and refining facial mask

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Bring the toning and detoxing benefits of earth clays together with the healing, soothing and moisturizing qualities of pure fruit and botanical extracts to your facial regime with CAERAN FruitClay Blend.

The perfect therapy for your skin’s tone, texture and clarity. A luxurious combination of kaolin, French and Moroccan clays with papaya, mango, chamomile, silk protein, green tea and cucumber extract powders. No preservatives!


Directions: Combine 2 Tbsp of FruitClay Blend powder with 1 tsp CAERAN OrangeRose Mist or water and apply to moistened skin with fingers or fan cosmetic brush. Let dry for 15 minutes, soften with water and rinse well. Follow with Facial Mist and Daily Moisture for your skin type.

Botanical and Fruit Extracts: Papaya, Mango, Green Tea, Cucumber