Essence of Apricot Hair & Body Shampoo

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A long time favorite!!!

Convenience is best when it's still good for you - and our All-in-one Hair & Body Shampoo is certainly that. Good for you, and good for your environment.

Originally developed for the backpacker, where luggage space is at a premium, Essence of Apricot has found it's way into the showers and bathrooms of city
dwellers too!

And remember that whatever we use outdoors, goes directly into our ground water and has a quick and lasting impact on the eco-system around us.

Essence of Apricot is quickly biodegradable, with environmentally safe ingredients, and is safe to use in even wilderness settings.

Packed with herbal extracts of juniper, gentian, hayflower, hypericum, balm mint, pine needle, arnica and rosemary, and scented with a natural light apricot fragrance, this multi-purpose product does more than just save space and time, it gives you perfectly portable pampering.

All purpose Hair & Body Shampoo, Bubble Bath and Shaving Soap all in one, our Essence of Apricot is perfect for the wash and- go lifestyle or when packing more bottles in your luggage just won't work.

Lightly fragrant and sensual - perfectly portable and safe for your home, the cottage, camping - anywhere!


Essence of Apricot all-in-one Hair & Body Shampoo brings 

  • Versatility and Convenience (multi-function liquid cleanser)
  • Perfect for the camper/hiker (one bottle...less weight and bulk)
  • Excellent shaving soap with soothing and healing herbal extracts
  • Biodegradable - No Toxic Effects 
  • Safe in Areas with no Water Treatment Facilities (e.g. cottage, camping) 
  • Recyclable Packaging 
  • Concentrated meaning LESS packaging 
  • Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic 
  • Vegetable-based ingredients 
  • No animal Testing or Ingredients 
  • No Artificial Fragrances 
  • Environmentally Safe



Coconut oil surfactant: Nature's natural foamer. Excellent as a skin cleanser because of its mildness and can be found in high quality shampoos, creams and bubble baths.
Sodium laurel sulphate: a wetting agent which softens the water. Used in bubble baths, creams, and hand lotions. It is edible and is therefore also used in toothpaste. It helps to emulsify fats to make them bind together and create a smooth texture. It is a sodium salt and is non-toxic.
Citric acid: Derived from citrus and is used as a natural preservative. It is also used as a refreshing drink with water and sugar. Used to balance the acidity level of products. 
Alpine Herbs: extracts of juniper, gentian, hay flower, hypericum, balm mint, pine needle, arnica, rosemary (see Catalogue Glossary for properties of each herb)
Organic/Natural fragrance: Any combination of naturally derived fragrances used to safely enhance the appeal of a product.
Distilled water: The major constituent of all living matter. Necessary to blend all other ingredients together to give the desired consistency. A major ingredient in all products. Interesting Note* both the human body and the planet earth are composed of approximately 70% water.
Standardized food grade colour: CAERAN chooses colours that are safe and have been certified for use in food products. Each colour is created following a specific recipe using ingredients from various organic sources.
Sodium Lauryl Ethersulphate: This is one of the most easily biodegradable surfactants available -safe, effective, mild and one of the best for formulations involved for both hair shampoo and body soaps.
Liquid Germal Plus: Paraben-free preservative, to maintain product integrity and customer safety.

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    It's Great

    Posted by Edith Freeze on 3rd Aug 2019

    This is great as a shampoo and body wash. Smells good too.