E-Zyme - The Odour Eliminator (10 L Commercial Size)

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Why E•Zyme Sport?

E•Zyme Sport is NOT just a masking perfume and it's NOT an anti-bacterial disinfectant. It makes use of bacteria replacement technology, where the smelly and potentially harmful bacteria is eaten by beneficial bacteria. Carefully harvested strains are selected because of their predictable and safe action.

Clean equipment is healthier! Keeping your sports equipment free from potentially harmful bacteria reduces the risk of cuts, scrapes and open blisters getting infected and causing additional injury.

E•Zyme Sport is a completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly blend of enzymes and effective detergents, not only destroying offensive odours, but lifting away dirt, grime and stains. Safe to use around pets and children. Just spray directly on the smelly surface and let air dry.


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