CAERAN commercial cleaners

Why go “GREEN” Commercially?

Product Effectiveness:
Trying to reduce toxins found in your indoor environments may be costly if you purchase ineffective product. Many GREEN
cleaners just don’t do the required job, since the focus is often on “pitch” rather than product. CAERAN has been a
trusted brand by customers across Canada since 1989. Not only do our CAERAN products deliver a safe, reliable
product, we deliver on performance as well.

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Benefits Inside and Out:
Making the shift to healthy cleaning products will also help the environment outside of your facility: by decreasing the
amount of harmful chemicals that are released into our soil, water supply, and air you will contribute to the shift toward
sustainable, healthier ways of living for everyone.


Over the last 50 years cleaning products that contain innumerable amounts of toxins have been released into the
marketplace with little to no testing on their human or environmental impact. Questions regarding the toxicity and the
hazards of chemicals within the environment were altogether overlooked.

Current Understanding:
Now there is clear evidence, which shows that what is used to clean homes, offices and other physical facilities, is just
as important as what we put inside our body. In fact, the products used in our indoor environments enter into our
bodies via the air we breathe, through our skin, and through the water we drink.

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Some Stats:
• 5 Billion: the number of pounds of chemicals that the institutional cleaning industry uses each year in the
USA alone.
• 24: the average gallons of chemicals (that's 87 liters) that a janitor uses each year, 25 percent of which are
• 100: the number of times higher that indoor air pollution levels can be above outdoor air pollution levels,
according to US EPA estimates.
• 275: the number of active ingredients in antimicrobials that the EPA classifies as pesticides because they are
designed to kill microbes
• 17,000: the number of petrochemicals available for home use, only 30 percent of which have been tested for
exposure to human health and the environment.

Full Disclosure:
Products that do not openly disclose all of their ingredients often have something to hide. The words 'organic', 'non-
toxic', ‘green’ and 'eco-safe' are loosely defined in the industry, if at all. CAERAN Industrial has nothing to hide, and we
openly disclose all of our ingredients.

Ease-of-use and Integration:
CAERAN Industrial products are designed to easily replace many of your commonly
purchased cleaning chemicals, and work within your existing policies and processes. In a few
easy steps you can improve your indoor air quality and decrease your cleaning staff’s
exposure to toxic chemicals and fumes, while keeping your facilities comfortable and safe
for your employees, visitors and residents.