CAERAN Bathroom Cleaner gets a new name


Not just for the 'bathroom' anymore.

For years now, CAERAN customers have been using their Bathroom Cleaner all over the house, not just in the bathroom.

So, now...the name says it all.


CAERAN Cream Household Cleanser
Same great product...a more suitable name.


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Ideas from our customers...

Permanent marker is not a pretty sight, especially when it is your young daughter’s initial on the front door! And of course, it would be on the sunny side of the house, on a hot day, getting baked in. Tried lots of cleaners I had on hand, nothing worked. Oh no! I HATE painting doors! But then I thought, "What about the Bathroom Cleaner? It does a great job everywhere else." And it worked! 


I use my Bathroom Cleaner EVERYWHERE. For me, it is my take-it-to-every-room-as-I-clean cleaner. I LOVE it on the smooth type stove tops and for counter tops after canning season… kiss those counter top stains goodbye!


I recently started using CAERAN products and I am happy with the quality of the products and that I no longer have to worry about using dangerous chemicals to clean my home.  I like the diversity of the All Purpose Cleaner and the Bathroom Cleaner. I recommend CAERAN products to anyone with skin sensitivities or who prefer to use safer products on their body or when they clean their home.
Cheryl Davies – Georgetown, ON


A friend gave us your small sample bottle of Bathroom Cleaner and amazingly it cleaned our stainless steel stove so that it looked untouched. We continue to be proud of our expensive, and now beautiful cooking utensil. The Bathroom Cleaner seems to cut through grease and stains in a manner that no other household cleaner we have tried can touch. The price you charge is reasonable too.
Kevan F. van Herd - Kelowna, BC


I am writing to let you know that I am really satisfied and convinced that your products are effective. They are not just effective but also help me cut my supply cost because all you need to use is a small amount of your cleaning products.  I also want you to know that your Caeran All Purpose Cleaner with your Bathroom Cleaner can be used to polish silver.  One of my cleaners found this out when one of our regular accounts asked her to polish silver. She soaked the silvers in your All Purpose Cleaner for 15 minutes and then used the Bathroom Cleaner to scrub the tarnish away. The results were well shined silver and a very happy customer.  She was so amazed about your products that she gave me a personal call.
Robert Pao - Manager, For a Greener Earth - The Environmentally Friendly Cleaners - Winnipeg, MA


Your Caeran Bathroom Cleaner does wonders on wax, crayon on walls, and wooden furniture. The Caeran All Purpose Cleaner swept away some awful glue from stickers, off of the kids table and, the Caeran Pre Wash Stain Remover got the cherry juice out of my one year old's  yellow cotton shirt, twice. Pretty miraculous stuff!
Teresa Donker - Vernon, BC


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Cream Household Cleanser - not just for bathrooms anymore.